Team placement

North County Alliance was born out of a simple dream: make high quality select soccer available to families at unbelievably reasonable prices. 


team placement process

Fill out the registration form

New players to the club will be contacted within a week 

After a tryout interview,

team selections will be made 

fully transparent pricing

No money down

8 month payment plan available

why is north county alliance such a good deal?

It's true. North County Alliance is a great deal!

In fact: the expected cost for the year is approximately half of what you will find with most other clubs.

We save money three simple ways:

1. While our coaches are excellent, none of them are paid. Their kids just get to play soccer for a lower price.

2. Our program doesn't own any real estate.

3. We make choices with our families in mind.

If we can provide a top notch experience and don't have to charge our families more money, we wont. 


There are no additional fees outside of what is listed on this page.

Our kits are on a two year cycle.  This means that you will not have to purchase the entire package again each year.  You will only need to replace what is worn out or grown out. The 2020-2021 season will be the first year in our kit cycle.  


Home & Away Adidas jerseys

Home & Away Adidas shorts

Home & Away Adidas socks

Two NCA Training tops

Adidas Training Shorts & Socks

Adidas Backpack 

Adidas Soccer ball

Adidas NCA custom hoodie