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Memories For Life



Friendships and memories that will last long past the soccer season is the most precious goal that our club aims for.  The carpool to a game in Seattle, the practices in the mud, painting your face before a game, losing 14 hairbands in one season... these are the pieces that build a team and provide an experience that will last a life time.  Achieving success on the field together will develop leadership and confidence for our young players that will impact all areas of their life.  To do this right there is a needed balance between a challenge on the field and time to explore other talents.  


When we looked around for options there appeared to be a large divide between one end of the spectrum and the other.  The options for youth soccer under U12 were just one.  The options for competitive youth soccer above U12 were just one.  There appeared to be a need that many families were looking for that could possibly fill that void.

NC Alliance
Whatcom soccer
Youth Rec
  • Beginner level of play

  • Focus on basics

  • Difficult to have high level training

  • Less local

  • Higher cost of entry

  • Demanding Schedule

By offering a local select soccer option in North County we are providing thousands of families the missing option that they have been looking for.  Local, committed, competitive and cost effective.  Click on the button below to get information about Club fees and scroll down for information about the season format.  


Consistent field time and frequent touches on the ball are crucial to a player's development.  However, a balanced schedule that allows time for rejuvenation and time to participate in other sports or activities is needed to maintain the desire for the game. 


PRACTICE: During the season, team trainings will take place twice per week with your assigned team generally 90 minutes long.  There will also be open technical sessions available for those individuals looking for extra touches on the ball.  The tech sessions will take place 2-3 times per month.


MATCHES: Games in the fall and spring season are played on Saturday and Sunday depending on coordination with the opposing team.  It is typically a 10 game season in the fall and an 8 game season in the spring.


STATE CUP: At the end of the spring season there is a state cup that is a multi-weekend tournament.  The result of the tournament impacts seeding for the following year as well as potential opportunity to move on to the US Club Northwest Regionals.  This is an elite regional tournament with the opportunity to represent your league and your state. 


TOURNAMENTS: Three tournaments will be scheduled over the summer.  These will be in late June, mid-July and early August.  Tournaments are played over a single weekend, with a minimum of 3 games played.    


MAY       JUN       JUL       AUG       SEP       OCT       NOV       DEC       JAN       FEB       MAR       APR       MAY
Summer Tourney #1
Summer Tourney #2,3
Fall Season
Spring Season
State Cup

NC Alliance home games will be at the Bender Fields in Lynden, WA.  These are some of the most prestine playing surfaces in the county and are expertly maintained all year round.


Practices will be held at both Bender Fields and nearby public schools in Lynden.  



The Fields
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