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Competitive Soccer for Everyone



North County Alliance Football Club is a registered nonprofit organization with the State of Washington dedicated to the development of youth soccer in our area. 

Our Mission Statement:


To create THE soccer club of choice in Whatcom County that creates a culture where multi-sport athletes can thrive in a competitive program while fostering a lifelong love of the game.  

  • Create an option tailored for the multi-sport athlete to play competitive soccer in Whatcom County

  • To educate and develop young players, focusing on skill development through technical and tactical training. 

  • To encourage team unity, success principles and a winning attitude that can be applied in all areas of life.

  • To attract like-minded soccer coaches who are knowledgeable and experienced in the game of soccer and equally passionate about physical, mental and emotional development of the youth athlete.

  • To provide a proven path to higher level opportunities for the elite players who are committed to full development.



It all started in the Family Room...

North County Alliance

Jerimy Saldivar

Head Coach

North County Alliance FC began with a group of like-minded parents taking a different approach to competitive youth soccer.  Realizing that there was a desire for a higher level of soccer offered more locally and at a manageable price point- a new path was forged and the creation of a new club was the result.  


Coach Jerimy and Coach Darren come with over 30 years of combined youth soccer coaching experience.  Their passion and commitment to the game has resulted in success for players at all levels of youth soccer.


They work toward a shared goal of attracting the area's best athletes to the world's "beautiful game".  Creating excitement around team success and individual development will be the foundation of an elevated youth system for all families in Whatcom County.  

NC Alliance

Darren Villars
Executive Director

Head Coach


There are two main competitive youth soccer organizations in the United States: US Youth Soccer and US Club Soccer.  Both provide equal opportunity for growth of both players and teams all the way up to the National Team level.  Under the umbrella of these programs players are able to play recreational soccer, select soccer and try out for their state's elite and olympic teams.  


In the state of Washington there are two playing associations affiliated with each of the national groups.  Washington Youth Soccer is associated with US Youth Soccer and the Puget Sound Premier League (PSPL) is associated with US Club Soccer.  It is under these two channels that teams form and compete in league and tournament play.  Teams do not play league games against teams and clubs from the opposite association but may play in the same non-league tournaments.  



NC Alliance
Whatcom Soccer
NC Alliance
Whatcom Soccer

North County Alliance Football Club will be playing as a US Club Soccer club with teams registered with Puget Sound Premier League.  PSPL is headquartered out of the Starfire complex in Tukwilla, WA where the Sounders FC are based for training.  They offer programs for all levels of soccer from U8 to highschool.  The PSPL is an independent league that is sanctioned by US Club Soccer. The PSPL operates a National Premier League (NPL), sanctioned by US Club Soccer, called the Washington State Premier League. They are separate from US Club but abide by their policies.


For more information regarding the PSPL visit their website here: 



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