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All tryouts at Bender Fields

The Tryout...  It can be exciting.  It can be nerve-racking.  It can be stressful.  It can be rewarding.


A player's first introduction to select soccer is The Tryout.  For a young athlete the pressure of being evaluated, of being tested- is a rite of passage into the next level of their development.  However, this does not need to be an overwhelming experience.  It can be one that challenges them and provides direction in where there is still the most potential to improve their game. 


NC Alliance wants to make the first experience with the club a positive one.  We want to provide an opportunity for all players to grow into complete soccer players.  That is why our evaluation process focuses on 4 main components of their game:


Technical Offense & Defense





An example of our Player Evaluation form is below.  Be sure to highlight with your child where and how to demonstrate their abilities during the tryout.  The best players are complete players that can perform at all aspects of their game. 

The Tryout Details

Each participant will be provided a Player Evaluation Report that provides their results after the tryouts are completed with their average scores listed.  This can be used as a first step in knowing where to continue to focus their training.  The scoring may appear to be detailed but it ensures the player is given the proper time and attention during the tryout for a fair determination of placement.  This will be sent within a week after the last tryout date.

Sample Report that each player will receive:









Tryout Registration Cost : FREE


Through the tryout process, players will be selected for teams playing the 2023-2024 season.  


Attendance at all tryout days is not required but strongly recommended.  Parents are always welcome to stay and observe the tryout process.

Players will be contacted within 2 days after the final tryout date with the results.  We ask that you are prepared to accept a roster spot within 24 hours of receiving an invitation.  This allows our coaches to move forward with getting the team prepared for the year and ensure all players are properly placed.


Girl Tryout

Girls 2024 Tryout Calendar
All Tryouts Held at Bender Fields in Lynden. Times will be finalized closer to tryout dates.

Boy Tryout

Boys 2024 Tryout Calendar
All Tryouts Held at Bender Fields in Lynden. Times will be finalized closer to tryout dates.

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