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Select soccer doesn't require a premium price tag
Here is what to expect a season of soccer will look like with NC Alliance

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One of the frustrations with select soccer is that you never seem to know exactly what it is going to cost your family for the season.  


Our Club costs will always be transparent and available before the season begins.  There are some expected fluxuations depending on the size of the team your child is selected for but the estimated fees in the provided chart will be what you should expect.  


The expected cost for the year is approximately half of what you will find with an established club.  This is a result of our coaching staff taking no salary or travel expenses.  Our coaches are compensated through reduced club expenses for their child and limited club gear for gameday.  


Total season fees will be expected at the beginning of the season with payment options available.  


Each NC Alliance Player is expected to have the following for training and game day:

  • Home and Away Jersey

  • Home and Away Shorts

  • Two pairs of socks

  • Warm up jacket and pants

  • Backpack

  • Training t-shirt

  • Ball


With this being the first season of the club, there will be an investment up front for all families.  Our goal is to keep our gear on a two year cycle.  This means that you will not have to purchase the entire package again the second year.  You will only need to replace what is worn out or grown out.

Estimated cost
for a full season

*Club Registration Fees cover all administrative costs associated with running the club (web hosting, registration software, state licensing, insurance, etc.)

**This is an estimated amount for participation in three tournaments over the summer season

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